We deliver powerful mobile infrastructure platforms with integrated security capabilities
we can provide you with a set of advanced IT services  covering security, infra-structure and networking  as your IT Businesss Partner

Today’s IT demands the perfect combination of on-site and cloud resources to ensure that you have what you need, where you need it. At 3W, we’re committed to transforming your computing platform to address your needs and give you a greater level of access. We’re able to leverage technology in order to give you more for your money and give you more data protection. Allow us to show you how we can make a difference in your IT infrastructure as well as your bottom line.

Hybrid Computing

At 3W, we offer a comprehensive list of services that range from consulting to managed services to project management – and everything in between. We’re able to integrate state-of-the-art technology with full support to give you more of what you need, while providing real world security solutions. This allows you to have a comprehensive IT infrastructure with a way of managing it all. Combine this with our support desk and you have more services available to you. We will help you stay safe from hackers, ransomware, worms, and more. We’re up to date on all of the threats and that ensures you’re protected through the year.


Gaining access to data in real-time has the potential to address an array of current business problems. If you’re not able to make important business decisions at any moment, your operations are going to suffer. Let us show you how to use the various technologies to give you real-time data that you can access at any time. This also includes comprehensive security reports, actual tools that help you manage your organization data network  and much more. The solutions are customized to the needs of your business and meet your budget.

3W is committed to find industry solutions to the problems that our Customers currently face. Whether it’s application software, hardware, or service related, we work to fit the individual needs of your business and your budget.

IoT and Medical Device control on the Healthcare industry concerns is growing. With the adoption of RTLS systems with rfid tags and also with Wi-Fi solutions by manufacturers many hospital IT departments are finding themselves now supporting IV pumps, blood gas analysers, telemetry systems, mobile X-ray machines and many other devices on their local area networks.​

We can help you choose the right solution on any of these technologies and performs all the consultancy required to  implement systems and networks and do all  integration work onto your in-house information technology applications.

On modern urban mobility requirements lies a complexity of system integration between applications, web apps, IoT devices and much more. Take Sterna Orchestrator as a key component of the whole ticketing and electronic system that makes passengers use bike sharing facilities and urban transport operators with the same valid contactless card . The Orchestrator makes it possible for autonomous systems to be seamlessly integrated for the confort and simple use of their end user customers.

Check how we facilitate partnerships and get to work complex integrating projects .





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