Customer Focus

We value our customers putting their needs and interests at the center of everything we do.


We thrive on innovation encouraging risk-taking and divergent voices and opinions.


We embrace change.


We treat one another with mutual respect creating value by working together.


We earn the trust of customers, colleagues, partners and shareholders by our high-level stance of ethics and moral integrity.


We attract and develop the best talent seeking to include the broadest range of people and perspectives.


We work to improve our information and communication technology community environment as well as the interests of our shareholders.

Vision and Beyond

3W is committed to serve the Industry by using our talents and resources to secure the communication of information by strengthen all efforts to provide businesses worldwide with security and network solutions that best fit our Customers requirements.

To succeed, we must provide the highest quality products and services, act with integrity and contribute to the common good. These responsibilities besides being the essence of a good citizenship in the 21st Century they will guide us through everything we do.

In our efforts, we will focus our attention on the areas where our expertise can have the greatest impact. In our corporate life and culture, we will promote good ethics and civic engagement. In our role as a player in our industry, we will work to address critical questions of corporate security policies and to ensure that everyone can share in the benefits of the digital world.

At 3W, our business plan will be based on adding value to people's lives by providing a safe IT and Communication environment. As a company and as individuals, we will act on our shared responsibility to give something back and on the knowledge that we can make a difference.


Wire e Wireless World (3W) Serviços Informáticos Lda is a privately owned company, customer services centric building, analysing, integrating and implementing enterprise-wide advanced security technology solutions.

The Company focus on process analysis, security audits , integrating and planning security infra-structures and support services for medium and large customers by leveraging the vast high tech curriculum of its professional team.

The Company actively pursues a strategic partnership program, in its principal markets, in order to provide the most adequate solution for our Customers.

The Company values most its employees and their contribution to the shaping of 3W and rewards them accordingly. Our Equity and Shareholding practices and policies empowers our employees with the responsibility of owing our future success as a Company.