Technology Partners

3W is a long standing partner of some of the big technology companies in the world. Throughout the course of its history 3W has attained many certificates and levels of partnership on all major security brands . Below is a list of the brands and the story behind

3W has been a Cisco partner for many years and implemented highly advanced networking and security projects.

3W is a recent Extreme Networks partner and already implemented  advanced wireless and core networking projects.

3W started as a Surfcontrol partner evolving to Websense and now Forcepoint and implemented highly advanced web and email security projects

3W has been a Microsoft partner since the beginning and implemented highly advanced system and data centre projects as well licencing its customer base

3W has been a McAfee partner since the early days of NAI and implemented and supported throughout its customer base its major technologies and security projects .

3W has been a Fujitsu Siemens  partner for some years and implemented highly advanced system and data centre projects.

3W is a recent Zimbra partner and implemented email and messaging systems security projects.

3W has been a Symantec partner for many years and implemented highly advanced networking and security projects with Bluecoat, Veritas, PGP and many Symantec technologies.

3W has been a very recent Paessler partner and its using its portfolio product for monitoring networks


Business Partners

3W provides business solutions to various industries. Each segment requires expertise and knowledge for consultancy, application development and industry insights. By combining these tools and human resources with project management and security services expertise 3W provides unique add-value to its customers with an integrated one to one service management environment .

Helponbiz is a consultancy and software developer Portuguese company seeking new channels for their customer's business, implementing Mobile Services and WebServices based solutions.

Develop business processes solutions based on open and Microsoft technology .

Their goal is to develop products which can be easily configured thru business processes of an organization, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Clever Way Mobile is a Portuguese based company with offices in Lisbon and Funchal in Madeira and dedicates itself completely to smartphones and tablets, applications and games.

The Company is totally focused on mobile APPs and has gained its reputation for quality and design software products on various market segments.

Clever Way Mobile platforms are Android,  IOS and Windows covering the full spectrum of mobile product distribution market.

Maisis – Information Systems, Lda is a Portuguese software development company established in 1994. With about 70 employees, its main focus is to provide innovative services, products and solutions, mostly for the telecommunications market.
Main business areas are: Software Factory services; Enterprise Content Management Solutions; Semantic Enterprise Solutions and R&D projects.

3W Projects with Microsoft Sharepoint as a platform.