Whether you are a government office, or a company with a large number of government contracts, security is of the highest importance. At 3W, we can provide you with safety audits to show you where current risks are located and what technical solutions are available to you.


To give you greater control over your data we can provide you with right set of tools and processes. We have the IT knowledge and expertise to implement and support the tools we represent thru our technology partnerships.


In addition to data security, we can help you to leverage your hardware and software more effectively to improve processes, reduce losses, and enhance productivity.

3W has a portfolio of applications that embraces geo referencing devices and networks on public motorways and other  public utilities.


We have a vast experience on servicing public administrations entities with server and network products and services for their critical infra-structure. Contact us today to learn more about how we’re able to help on all levels of your operations.


3W is committed to find industry solutions to the problems that our Customers currently face. Whether it’s application software, hardware, or service related, we work to fit the individual needs of your business and your budget



Our IT solutions for the commercial sector range from project oriented collaborative solutions to integration of critical ERP and Collaborative systems thru web services based broker technology as well as migration and support of a cloud based infra-structure and on-premises critical services .

A good IT infrastructure is needed for any commercial business. Whether you’re in manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, or any other industry, and 3W is able to help you with data security while minimizing downtime.


If your IT  is compromised in any way, either by malicious malware or by internal or external intrusion or simply by a component malfunction, it can cause your business to come to a standstill. We want to make sure you have the uptime you need – and that’s why we have IT support teams that work behind the scenes to keep you up and running. We can find out a problem and get it fixed before you have even noticed that there is a problem.


We offer comprehensive solutions to assist with:


-             On-premises and cloud Access control systems


-             Backup systems for security and data


-             A Broker Platform for your information systems


-             Expert Service management



Your operations depend on hardware and software as well as a versatile broker servicing platform . Call 3W today to get more information on this and much more.



The transportation industry is complex. Whether you’re involved in trucking, mass transportation, or anything else, we have developed a set of critical application suites and IT infrastructure experience that leverages hardware and software to your benefit. We can help to improve productivity and give you more information at your fingertips. From cloud migration services to an on-going service management , we’re here for you when and where you need it the most.


We’re here to help you with technical maintenance and ensure that your operation is running with the latest and greatest software. This has the potential to enhance your processes, allow you to have greater visibility of your operations, and save money through better productivity and lower maintenance costs.


We will work with you to set up your infrastructure and network so that your employees have the information they need, even when working remotely.


Find out more about how we can help your transportation company by calling 3W today.

Pulp and forest


At 3W, we understand the needs of the pulp and forest industry – and provide a unique level of expertise in terms of process improvements. We’re able to recommend technical solutions that allow you to enhance productivity and improve cost efficiency. We work with you to build reliable, long lasting partnerships so you have the integrated resources that are necessary.


You need uninterrupted operations and we work with you to make this happen. With a higher process availability and managed services, we help you with everything from leveraging software to improve automation to helping with outsourcing maintenance partnerships.


With our comprehensive services, you can look forward to assistance with:


-             Preventative security infrastructure


-             Cost-efficient application broker platform


-             Endpoint security solutions


-             Mobile Business Security applications


-             Expert Service Management


Learn more about how 3W can help within your company



The energy industry is more advanced than ever and that’s because of new processes. At 3W, we will show you how to run safe and secure operations that are also energy efficient. A good network infrastructure is critical to keep your operations running smoothly – and we’ll conduct a complete audit to show you what needs to be fixed or upgraded.


We offer a high code of conduct to provide reliability. We establish long-term relationships with our clients and this gives you the reason to trust us. We have your best interests in mind when it comes to maintenance costs, operational processes, and more.


We help with installations, data management, security monitoring, and many other services. All of this translates to minimized downtime and uninterrupted operations for your business within the energy industry.


Contact us today to learn more about our high competence and how it can help you.

Smart Cities


Working within environmental businesses is highly rewarding. However, you might not be rewarded based upon your current IT setup. If you have had data compromised or you feel as though your processes are taking longer than they should be taking, let us help.


At 3W, we are experts in automated processes, cloud migration, as well as managed services. This allows you to learn how to leverage software and hardware to make improvements within your day to day operations.


We’ll show you how to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance expenses, and protect your data. Additionally, we’ll show you how to make the most of your resources and reduce waste at every turn.


Learn more by calling today and schedule a full security audit to learn what can be improved within your operations and processes.



The healthcare industry is unique in many ways – and at 3W, we understand this. The industry is currently undergoing a major digital transformation of its core business and we are part of it.

We will show you how to leverage software and hardware solutions to improve processes and safeguard data. We will make it easier for you to remain HIPAA compliant and save data while gaining easier ways to access the data with the cloud.


We have breakthrough application and systems thru RTLS technology that will :


-             Improve operations


-             Minimize risks


-             Safeguard people


-             Reduce material losses


-             Gain access to insights of valuable information


Learn more about how we can help your healthcare business by calling today.



When you’re within the logistics industry, you know the importance of improved processes. You also know why leveraging your existing resources is critical to your success.


3W has a set of business critical applications that will help you  :


-             Improve operations


-             Better customer relationships


-             Optimize distribution costs


-             Integrate with ERP and GPS systems


-             Gain access to insights of valuable information




Additionally at 3W, we’ll show you how to use the best technical resources to improve data protection, maintenance expenses, and minimize your downtime at the same time. We can introduce you to the cloud and handle the full data migration to the cloud. We’ll help you to explore your security measures to ensure you are safeguarded to the fullest extent.


Allow us to help you be more proactive with your maintenance and improve your functionality with better leverage of your existing hardware and software. We have experts monitoring your servers remotely– and this keeps you up and running without having to rely solely on your own team of IT professionals.


Learn more about how we can help by contacting us today.