Consulting Services provide studies, analysis and support in order to better secure Enterprises information systems and networks. Our consulting services cover information security review, information security policy and guidelines, development, auditing, attack simulation, and information security training. .

Our Consulting Services also cover most IT infrastructure requirements on designing and implementing the most up to date email systems, internet usage, access and mobility requirements .

How we can help you build an enterprise IT infrastructure ready for the new app 

business mobility reality 

Our  Services Portfolio includes security services, cloud-migration services and project management, on-going support for in-house systems and networks as well as cloud infrastructure.


Our  Service Desk service is designed to cover customer specific needs. The Service Desk  offers a Single Point of Contact and covers all infra-structure problems at the server and network level. The Service uses monitoring solutions to cover monitoring trends and actual networking and system failures so that appropriate actions can be taken in advanced or remotely at the time they will happen. When Service Desk detects problem trends, they will make adjustments to fix the problem before it is detected by the end-users.


3W offers a new service for end point security management. This service model is target to McAfee’s Intel enterprise customers. Service optimises existing resources and covers a heterogeneous environment monitoring and managing according to an executable strategy aligning processes, technologies and human resources. Service covers end point security, solving existing problems, preventing security occurrences and working with vendors to make sure the whole network is up to date on latest technologies .


3W can provide basic IT Project management essentially aimed at producing the best end result of the hardware, software or application to be installed or the services at stake. We plan and control to get the final deliverable at the right time. We have the right skills to get the job done: technical, people management and very good business awareness.

Investment in effective project management will bring benefits to everyone , both the host organization and also us in delivering the project. 3W provides project management so that it can achieve the desired result; ensure efficient and best use of capital and human resources; satisfy the differing needs of the project’s stakeholders.


We keep our customers business competitive by solving fundamental problems of the data-intensive business environment.

Our services are work across heterogeneous platforms protecting data, providing high availability, and guard data against disasters. Enterprise application data is one of today's most valuable business assets.

We find tailored services and solutions for your mission-critical database and messaging applications data protection.
Our staff have first hand experience implementing complex storage solutions and working with enterprise customers to solve information storage challenges.


A Cloud migration requires careful planning, preparation and involvement from all areas of your organization. 3W can  provide end-to-end cloud migration services for every need – from small business solutions to medium size enterprise migrations.

Our experience with Exchange on-site systems to Office 365 migration is a starting point for any organization. A simple SaaS migration but it can be a nightmare if detail programming is not taken into account.

Moving to the cloud is a step-by-step project with a careful though out implementation strategy on your IT Strategic Plan.

3W can help you on your planning and your vision on how information systems  can make a difference on your Business.